You can contact us to request a quote for any “metal” projects that you may have – from art work to fences and gates to custom security screen doors and much more.

Here is our Customer Spotlight Gallery, which will show you our unique projects that are currently happening.

  • Custom Security Screen Dutch Doors

    We love it when customers come back to us for additional projects.

    This request was for 2 custom Security Screen Dutch Doors for the customers barn house.  

    The customer provided us with a picture of her favorite horses which were drawn into the design of these beautiful Dutch Doors which will allow for the air to flow thru when the top door is open and still keep the dogs and other critters out of the barn.

    These doors were designed, fabricated and installed by Gs Cutting Solutions.  They were also Powder Coated for the extra protection of the completed finish.

  • Two security screen doors and large sliding gate for driveway

    Gs Cutting Solutions LLC has had the pleasure to work on multiple projects for this family and their lovely home.

    We started out by adding a security/screen door at the end of their patio to close it in, then we added another security/screen door at their front door so they can enjoy the nice breeze flowing through their home without the bug invasion!!

    They had a lot of problems with the cute free range cows wanting to drink from their pool, so we  fenced in their property using oil pipe posts at the corners and t-posts along the property line with sturdy woven wire to enclose it.  (Don’t worry though, they provided the cows with their own water trough outside the fence so they can still get water!)

    Last project was to design, fabricate and install a 14 foot sliding gate across their driveway.

    Thank you Paul and Christine for your trust in us and becoming wonderful people in our lives!!